British Nightmare.

United Kingdom during her time of apex looted sub-continent, middle east and Asia-Pacific. UK forces not only ruined socio-economic  system, they also planted seeds of sectarianism  and xenocentrism among peaceful nations.

British empire consisted of North America, sub continent, middle east  and informally China. Not only three continents they also ruled over seas with their monstrous naval power.

Though power of UK began to decline after 1st and 2nd world wars and now we have to find UK on world map ( I think it is somewhere in Atlantic). UK is still treated as a great power due to her so-called glorious past and being the largest economy of Europe after Germany.

Modern tiny UK consists four states namely England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Northern Ireland is the disputed territory between Ireland and UK and for the same reason Irish Republican Army fought brutal war against occupied force. Till 1698 Scotland was an independent country, to uplift economy, government of Scotland invested abroad and got nothing. Consequently, Scotland bankrupted and signed an act of union with England.

After 300 years Scots want independence and want to dissolve their marriage with England. Economic downturn in the UK further enhanced demands of Scots and they think they are not receiving their due share in British treasury.

With discovery of North Sea oil in the seas of Scotland people of this region believe that with huge petroleum reserves and stable economy they can live independently and can implement socialist system (like in Norway and Sweden). Scots nationalist are promising  free health and education with generous pensions for masses; nationalist parties of Scotland put independent Scotland in their manifesto and they are going to contest next election on same issue.

Independence of Scotland would eventually trigger sleeping liberation movement of Norther Ireland and any disintegration will push Wales another unit of UK with different culture and language. Welsh Nationalist Party promotes idea of independent sovereign Welsh state and like Scots they can opt breakup… If this happens it will eventually end idea of  United Kingdom and tiny England with less resources and old  population will collapse like a house of cards.



Deadly side effects of mobile phone.

In our society we usually associate mobile phones with status symbol, financial health, style statement, professionalism or modernization. Indeed, this little device revolutionized our society  but this small thing in your pocket is covertly harming your body. Within a short period of time mobile can cause brain tumor and impotence in man.

Advertisement budgets of cell phone industry and service providers couple with commercial interests of print and electronic media will never reveal deadly side effects of cellphone and mobile phone manufacturers are not taking any interest about harmful radiation emission. Let me share shocking findings of researchers regarding cell phones; World Health Organization’s recent study linked cell phones to cancer and approximately 20-80% of the cellphone radiation penetrates up to 2 inches into the adult brain.

Another shocking research conducted by American society for reproductive medicine reveals that who made calls on mobile phone excessively had worst sperm counts and cell phone could result damaged DNA and Alzheimer’s disease. Side effects of mobile phone are so wide-spread and  harmful that many insurance companies are now excluding health issues related to cell phone radiation exposure.

So, if you want to remain man and cancer free, limit your cell phone use and remember don’t sleep with cell phone because deadly radiations can cause severe insomnia. Many people use mobile phone as an alarm clock, remember alarms in cellphones works even your cell phone is turned off.


United States No More United.

With total debt of $15.589 trillion and rising cost of  witch hunt (war of terrorism etc) American economy has totally bankrupted. Federal Reserve can make money from thin air but real productivity of USA is facing abysmal decline.

32 US states are now officially bankrupt; some of the major  insolvent states  are:  California, Michigan, New York, Penn, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, Connecticut, Minnesota, Georgia, Nevada, Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, Kansas, Vermont, Tennessee and Virgin Islands

Consequently, rich states don’t want to bail out their sister poor states and poor states have no more fate in Washington. Now many states in US are seeking complete independence and now they want their own sovereign country, even New York want independence from US, they want their independent country what they called  Independent Long Island, Alaskan Independence Party wants free Alaska, some groups want  Republic of Lakotah and Cascadia, some states want to merge as Confederate States of America, President Bush constituency Texas have strong sense of separation and they want Republic of Texas, Vermont has long history of separatist movement and they are struggling for Green Mountain Republic of Vermont.

Global arms survey finds US most-armed nation; America citizens have 276 million firearms. Hitherto, we haven’t seen any major armed flavor in separatist movements; however, socio-economic condition can play an important role in the future and these separatist movements will be happy to use chiefly available arms and ammunition for their demands.

Khurasan and year 2012

In Muslim literature Khurasan will be the land from where final army of Muslims under Imam Mehdi march towards Middle-East for final decisive war against anti-Christ. Historically, state of Khurasan consisted of modern-day central Asia, Afghanistan, and some parts of Iran and Pakistan (modern-day Baluchistan and northern part of Pakistan). During Abbasiad rule Khurasan was further divided into many provinces and modern Iran also have provinces belong to Khurasan.

Like Arabs use word Ajam for non-arab land, ancient Indian literature used word Khurasan for land surrounding India. During Abbasiad rule Khurasan got literary importance due to the saying of Prophet Muhammad (s): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “If you see the black banners coming from the direction of Khurasân, then go to them, even if you have to crawl, because among them will be Allah’s Caliph the Mahdî.

Afghans feel proud of their connections with state of Khurasan and many freedom fighters in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan believe that Talibans are actually people of Black Flags. It is obvious that if Taliban wins ongoing war their allies from Pakistani side will gain enough confidence to march towards Islamabad, any victory in Afghanistan will boost morale of Islamic revolutionary forces of Pakistan and they will try to establish Islamic emirates in Pakistan.

Hizb ut Tahrir and Tehreek-i-Taliban will be the driving forces of this process. Former has already established covert cells inside Pakistani military and at appropriate time they will try to take over state via military coup. Tehreek-i-Taliban still possess adequate arsenal of suicide bombers and sympathizers in main-land Pakistan and they will exploit nay possible disturbance in Islamabad.

Many religious scholars claim that year 2012 will be the year of revolution. In his famous book Shams-ul-Maarif (600 years old book) Shaikh Abu Abbas Boni claim that after every 11 years Muslims witness revolutionary change in their sociopolitical life. Between 9/11 and disintegration of USSR there is difference of 11 years and between disintegration of USSR and Iranian Revolution there is also difference of 11 years, thus after every 11 years Muslim witness revolutionary change.

This year US and her allies are going to witness hottest summer in Afghanistan and this will lead to rapid withdrawal of occupied forces and successful march of Taliban towards Kabul. Any significant change in Afghanistan will definitely affect sociopolitical condition of Pakistan; many suffis in Pakistan claim that before holy month of Moharram Pakistanis are going to witness a revolutionary change in their political life and many scholars link this situation with reemergence of state of Khurasan.

When Human becomes Inhuman.

Often in our daily life we think about cruelty and brutality of criminals, militants, and to some extent military personnel.  Most of us believe that these people have different brain chemistry or they are suffering from any serious  mental disorder.  In reality most of them conduct crimes in their usual state of health, like any other normal individual they can also distinguish between good and bad acts. Psychologist has deciphered this mystery and through an experiment they demonstrated that in certain conditions any human being can perform brutal acts even commit murder…..Yes all of us, me,you and your friends all we have genes of brutality.  Psychologist conducted famous experiment “Milgram obedience to authority experiment,” in this experiment they demonstrates that under state of obedience any individual can bypass his or her usual mental state and they can severely harm other people.  Watch this experiment closely this will change your perception about criminals, brutal acts of military personnel and militants.

see video here.

Do all Christians celebrate Christmas on same day?

Why don’t we celebrate Eid on same day in Pakistan? Many pseudo analysts in Pakistan usually correlates national unity with this issue and they often present this baseless arguments that Christians all around the globe celebrate Christmas on same day, 25 December.

Let me correct this misconception, Christians throughout the world celebrate their religious festivals like Christmas etc. on different dates. The traditional Christian communities – Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian – celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25, January 6 and January 19 respectively.  Almost every Christian nation celebrates Christmas on three different dates. For instance majority of Armenian Christians celebrate Christmas on January 6, and people from Russia,  Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Ethiopia on January 7, Georgian population in Europe celebrate on January 19.  Within African and European countries people celebrate Christmas on three different dates.

I haven’t seen any Christian scholar or analyst ever link these dates to Christian’s unity or anything else.  On other hand Potato analysts in Pakistan (brown from outside and white from inside) can use any issue to demoralize nation whether political or religious.

Let me share intellectual  apex of one of our pseudo-analysts, few months ago Indian High Court declared verdict against Babri Mosque, consequently Hindus got authority over Babri Mosque and now they have started building  Ram Mandir on this place.  Our so-called political analyst Hamid Mir writes in his column… in order to get positive image from international community we may build Babri Mandir in Pakistan, by this we can show Indians that how much we respect temples and churches in our country.

Why Religious People are Healthier than others?

This article is going to explore health secrets of Maulana Fazlur Rehman and decode hidden formula of his elephantine health and will answer most important question: Why majority of Molvis are healthier than common people?

Don’t worry I am not going to explore Fazlur Rehman or any other molvi here, they are actually severely obese because of their excessive eating habits, Here I am talking about real health (western concept of good health not desi healthy body which maulana sahab already has). Question is there why religious people are healthier than other? look around, visit nearest mosque or madrasah, look your friends, classmates, office colleagues, neighbors etc. you will find strong relation between health and religion. Now is there any actual relation between religion and lower mortality?

According to new research conducted by scientist at University of Miami that Religious people are healthier than non-religious persons, they found strong correlation between religiosity and health. Paper reported hundreds of studies revealing that religious people are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors, such as less likely to smoke, drink, recreational drugs or engage in extra marital sex activities. Religion provides a tight social network that provide self-regulation and punishments for negative habits what we called scientifically “Self-Control.”

Here religion only means “Islam.” Only Islam gives healthy lifestyle, self-control and tight social network. Islam covers every aspect of human life including what to eat and what not to eat. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism etc these are not religion only collection of festivals, vulgarity, music and dance. Look eating habits of Christians, their love for poke and wine, look Hinduism their abomination of  meat and their addiction to Bhang.