Tight Gas and Energy Crisis of Pakistan.

Neither we  have enough natural gas to fuel our gas turbines, nor we can afford expensive furnace oil for power generation (which is around 3 times more expensive than natural gas). Power generation from coal and dams require titanic investments and lots of time which we don’t have. Let it be solar, nuclear, wind or geothermal they are only feasible in papers only due to their cost and requirement of expertise both of which we lack. Gas import is a good choice, however,  requires minimum five to ten years. The cheapest and rapid solution we have is Tight Gas.

Tight gas is natural gas which is difficult to access because of the nature of rock surrounding the deposit.  Because this gas is difficult to access companies want to sale this gas on high price and want financial incentives for exploration.  Pakistan has an estimated tight gas reserves of 33 trillion cubic feet which are more than the existing estimated natural gas reserves of 27  trillion cubic feet. By providing some  financial incentive we can get gas cheaper gas than what we are planning  from Iran and Central Asia.

Recently Iranian energy companies and banks have been sanctioned by West and now it is difficult to get finance for this multi-billion dollar project.  Gas pipeline from Central Asian countries are only feasible when there is stability in Afghanistan. Instead of exploring solutions abroad we may explore our own indigenous capacity and formulate policies to encourage companies to explore tight gas. Unfortunately, after idiotic and stupid 18th amendment federation has handed over all rights of natural resources to provinces and all major gas reserves of tight gas are in Sindh and Baluchistan and as we all know governments in these two provinces like other are bunch of rich insane people, they don’t possess adequate intellect to form decent and attractive policy for tight gas. In Baluchistan  all members of parliament are minister and there is no opposition, same here in Sindh there is no opposition all members are in government despite this apex of democracy they cannot efficiently conduct metriculation  exams properly either, so how can they formulate such technical policy of tight gas. Only federal government can provide sovereign guarantees to investors and formulate policies provincial governments are impotent in nature.

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