Evolution of Two Nation Theory.

Highlights of upcoming essay

Al-Beruni describes division between Hindus and Muslim in Indian society:

In all matters and usage they (Hindus) are different from us (Muslims)

From early 19th century the debate between Two Nation Theory TNT and One Nation Theory ONT drove politics of South Asia. First it was debate between TNT versus ONT later new idea of Rama Rajha in Hindus and Darul Harab in Muslims emerged mainly after War of Independence.

Historically,  many states were founded on the basis of religion like Holy Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Bosnia, Lebanon, Israel etc. Within India in early 20th Century Sindh was divided on the basis religion with consent of Indian National Congress. Heryana another state in India divided from Punjab  on the basis of Religion.

In the beginning of 20th century Idea of United States of India emerged in Muslim and Liberal Hindu leadership, on other hand radical Hindus coined idea of Mahabharata. Religious fanatics like Lal Lajput Rai wanted to divide India on the basis of Religion. After War of Independence 1857 British Prime Minister John Bright proposed division of India in small states mainly on the basis of ethnicity and religion.  Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was also very much in favor of Two Nation Theory and by his writing and social struggle he forcibly presented idea of  Two Nation Theory more than any other leader of India.

I will describe above mentioned points in my detail essay very soon.

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