Possible Future of Energy.

There is great expectations to wind and solar energy, we know both requires appropriate geographical conditions and both require something like batteries to store their excess energy when there is no wind and sun. Both these technologies require highly efficient batteries and reasonable adjustment in infrastructure like designs of our house.  A wind farm requires more investment than conventional power plants, economically companies or governments are reluctant to install wind farm because of high per unit cost. Second, modern solar panels don’t to reach to the point where they can provide adequate  power to all appliances 24/7 and again for domestication of solar panel one has to made several adjustments in design of his house and lifestyle, on government level again solar plants are inadequate to replace any other conventional form of energy at present.

Hydrogen cell is another hope mainly for automobile and for cheap transport services but there is important thing, these types of cars use NiMH batteries and Chevron a petroleum giant owns patents of this type of battery, therefore oil industry will never allow hydrogen or electric cars on road so put your dream of hydrogen or electric car or energy aside.

Geothermal energy is another hope and indeed it is a cheap solution but again it requires specific geographical conditions like in case of hydrocarbon, solar and wind.

Now  glamorous  option of  nuclear energy is also exhausted, no one is interested in this type of energy any more except two morons in South-Asia.  USA built her last atomic reactor in 1996 some 15 years ago. These plants require massive investments, hulky security apparatus and environmental threats (as we have recently witnessed in Japan). Again  availability and processing  of radioactive  fuel is not any easy task, world has limited resources of this type of fuel also.

Unfortunately, nuclear energy is the only solution but not conventional one, I mean fusion not fission. Fusion reaction is like making sun in a box, this reaction produce boundless amount of energy with few drops of water, without using any radioactive fuel but main problem is how to put sun in a box? Lead, steel, tungsten do not have ability to resist this type of energy, that’s the only problem.  In my notion micro fusion batteries is a possible solution for future because we heavily depend on copper in our home and grid for electricity transportation and we have exhausted all major resources of copper, thus in future there will be no requirement for wire either, every electric instrument will have his own built-in source of energy in the form of micro fusion battery. Currently there is no such idea of fusion batteries exist its only limited to my imagination but I feel this will be the future.

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