Why Religious People are Healthier than others?

This article is going to explore health secrets of Maulana Fazlur Rehman and decode hidden formula of his elephantine health and will answer most important question: Why majority of Molvis are healthier than common people?

Don’t worry I am not going to explore Fazlur Rehman or any other molvi here, they are actually severely obese because of their excessive eating habits, Here I am talking about real health (western concept of good health not desi healthy body which maulana sahab already has). Question is there why religious people are healthier than other? look around, visit nearest mosque or madrasah, look your friends, classmates, office colleagues, neighbors etc. you will find strong relation between health and religion. Now is there any actual relation between religion and lower mortality?

According to new research conducted by scientist at University of Miami that Religious people are healthier than non-religious persons, they found strong correlation between religiosity and health. Paper reported hundreds of studies revealing that religious people are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors, such as less likely to smoke, drink, recreational drugs or engage in extra marital sex activities. Religion provides a tight social network that provide self-regulation and punishments for negative habits what we called scientifically “Self-Control.”

Here religion only means “Islam.” Only Islam gives healthy lifestyle, self-control and tight social network. Islam covers every aspect of human life including what to eat and what not to eat. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism etc these are not religion only collection of festivals, vulgarity, music and dance. Look eating habits of Christians, their love for poke and wine, look Hinduism their abomination of  meat and their addiction to Bhang.

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