Do all Christians celebrate Christmas on same day?

Why don’t we celebrate Eid on same day in Pakistan? Many pseudo analysts in Pakistan usually correlates national unity with this issue and they often present this baseless arguments that Christians all around the globe celebrate Christmas on same day, 25 December.

Let me correct this misconception, Christians throughout the world celebrate their religious festivals like Christmas etc. on different dates. The traditional Christian communities – Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian – celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25, January 6 and January 19 respectively.  Almost every Christian nation celebrates Christmas on three different dates. For instance majority of Armenian Christians celebrate Christmas on January 6, and people from Russia,  Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Ethiopia on January 7, Georgian population in Europe celebrate on January 19.  Within African and European countries people celebrate Christmas on three different dates.

I haven’t seen any Christian scholar or analyst ever link these dates to Christian’s unity or anything else.  On other hand Potato analysts in Pakistan (brown from outside and white from inside) can use any issue to demoralize nation whether political or religious.

Let me share intellectual  apex of one of our pseudo-analysts, few months ago Indian High Court declared verdict against Babri Mosque, consequently Hindus got authority over Babri Mosque and now they have started building  Ram Mandir on this place.  Our so-called political analyst Hamid Mir writes in his column… in order to get positive image from international community we may build Babri Mandir in Pakistan, by this we can show Indians that how much we respect temples and churches in our country.

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