When Human becomes Inhuman.

Often in our daily life we think about cruelty and brutality of criminals, militants, and to some extent military personnel.  Most of us believe that these people have different brain chemistry or they are suffering from any serious  mental disorder.  In reality most of them conduct crimes in their usual state of health, like any other normal individual they can also distinguish between good and bad acts. Psychologist has deciphered this mystery and through an experiment they demonstrated that in certain conditions any human being can perform brutal acts even commit murder…..Yes all of us, me,you and your friends all we have genes of brutality.  Psychologist conducted famous experiment “Milgram obedience to authority experiment,” in this experiment they demonstrates that under state of obedience any individual can bypass his or her usual mental state and they can severely harm other people.  Watch this experiment closely this will change your perception about criminals, brutal acts of military personnel and militants.

see video here.

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