Khurasan and year 2012

In Muslim literature Khurasan will be the land from where final army of Muslims under Imam Mehdi march towards Middle-East for final decisive war against anti-Christ. Historically, state of Khurasan consisted of modern-day central Asia, Afghanistan, and some parts of Iran and Pakistan (modern-day Baluchistan and northern part of Pakistan). During Abbasiad rule Khurasan was further divided into many provinces and modern Iran also have provinces belong to Khurasan.

Like Arabs use word Ajam for non-arab land, ancient Indian literature used word Khurasan for land surrounding India. During Abbasiad rule Khurasan got literary importance due to the saying of Prophet Muhammad (s): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “If you see the black banners coming from the direction of Khurasân, then go to them, even if you have to crawl, because among them will be Allah’s Caliph the Mahdî.

Afghans feel proud of their connections with state of Khurasan and many freedom fighters in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan believe that Talibans are actually people of Black Flags. It is obvious that if Taliban wins ongoing war their allies from Pakistani side will gain enough confidence to march towards Islamabad, any victory in Afghanistan will boost morale of Islamic revolutionary forces of Pakistan and they will try to establish Islamic emirates in Pakistan.

Hizb ut Tahrir and Tehreek-i-Taliban will be the driving forces of this process. Former has already established covert cells inside Pakistani military and at appropriate time they will try to take over state via military coup. Tehreek-i-Taliban still possess adequate arsenal of suicide bombers and sympathizers in main-land Pakistan and they will exploit nay possible disturbance in Islamabad.

Many religious scholars claim that year 2012 will be the year of revolution. In his famous book Shams-ul-Maarif (600 years old book) Shaikh Abu Abbas Boni claim that after every 11 years Muslims witness revolutionary change in their sociopolitical life. Between 9/11 and disintegration of USSR there is difference of 11 years and between disintegration of USSR and Iranian Revolution there is also difference of 11 years, thus after every 11 years Muslim witness revolutionary change.

This year US and her allies are going to witness hottest summer in Afghanistan and this will lead to rapid withdrawal of occupied forces and successful march of Taliban towards Kabul. Any significant change in Afghanistan will definitely affect sociopolitical condition of Pakistan; many suffis in Pakistan claim that before holy month of Moharram Pakistanis are going to witness a revolutionary change in their political life and many scholars link this situation with reemergence of state of Khurasan.

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