United States No More United.

With total debt of $15.589 trillion and rising cost of  witch hunt (war of terrorism etc) American economy has totally bankrupted. Federal Reserve can make money from thin air but real productivity of USA is facing abysmal decline.

32 US states are now officially bankrupt; some of the major  insolvent states  are:  California, Michigan, New York, Penn, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, Connecticut, Minnesota, Georgia, Nevada, Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, Kansas, Vermont, Tennessee and Virgin Islands

Consequently, rich states don’t want to bail out their sister poor states and poor states have no more fate in Washington. Now many states in US are seeking complete independence and now they want their own sovereign country, even New York want independence from US, they want their independent country what they called  Independent Long Island, Alaskan Independence Party wants free Alaska, some groups want  Republic of Lakotah and Cascadia, some states want to merge as Confederate States of America, President Bush constituency Texas have strong sense of separation and they want Republic of Texas, Vermont has long history of separatist movement and they are struggling for Green Mountain Republic of Vermont.

Global arms survey finds US most-armed nation; America citizens have 276 million firearms. Hitherto, we haven’t seen any major armed flavor in separatist movements; however, socio-economic condition can play an important role in the future and these separatist movements will be happy to use chiefly available arms and ammunition for their demands.

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