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Deadly side effects of mobile phone.

In our society we usually associate mobile phones with status symbol, financial health, style statement, professionalism or modernization. Indeed, this little device revolutionized our society  but this small thing in your pocket is covertly harming your body. Within a short period of time mobile can cause brain tumor and impotence in man.

Advertisement budgets of cell phone industry and service providers couple with commercial interests of print and electronic media will never reveal deadly side effects of cellphone and mobile phone manufacturers are not taking any interest about harmful radiation emission. Let me share shocking findings of researchers regarding cell phones; World Health Organization’s recent study linked cell phones to cancer and approximately 20-80% of the cellphone radiation penetrates up to 2 inches into the adult brain.

Another shocking research conducted by American society for reproductive medicine reveals that who made calls on mobile phone excessively had worst sperm counts and cell phone could result damaged DNA and Alzheimer’s disease. Side effects of mobile phone are so wide-spread and  harmful that many insurance companies are now excluding health issues related to cell phone radiation exposure.

So, if you want to remain man and cancer free, limit your cell phone use and remember don’t sleep with cell phone because deadly radiations can cause severe insomnia. Many people use mobile phone as an alarm clock, remember alarms in cellphones works even your cell phone is turned off.



When Human becomes Inhuman.

Often in our daily life we think about cruelty and brutality of criminals, militants, and to some extent military personnel.  Most of us believe that these people have different brain chemistry or they are suffering from any serious  mental disorder.  In reality most of them conduct crimes in their usual state of health, like any other normal individual they can also distinguish between good and bad acts. Psychologist has deciphered this mystery and through an experiment they demonstrated that in certain conditions any human being can perform brutal acts even commit murder…..Yes all of us, me,you and your friends all we have genes of brutality.  Psychologist conducted famous experiment “Milgram obedience to authority experiment,” in this experiment they demonstrates that under state of obedience any individual can bypass his or her usual mental state and they can severely harm other people.  Watch this experiment closely this will change your perception about criminals, brutal acts of military personnel and militants.

see video here.

Why Religious People are Healthier than others?

This article is going to explore health secrets of Maulana Fazlur Rehman and decode hidden formula of his elephantine health and will answer most important question: Why majority of Molvis are healthier than common people?

Don’t worry I am not going to explore Fazlur Rehman or any other molvi here, they are actually severely obese because of their excessive eating habits, Here I am talking about real health (western concept of good health not desi healthy body which maulana sahab already has). Question is there why religious people are healthier than other? look around, visit nearest mosque or madrasah, look your friends, classmates, office colleagues, neighbors etc. you will find strong relation between health and religion. Now is there any actual relation between religion and lower mortality?

According to new research conducted by scientist at University of Miami that Religious people are healthier than non-religious persons, they found strong correlation between religiosity and health. Paper reported hundreds of studies revealing that religious people are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors, such as less likely to smoke, drink, recreational drugs or engage in extra marital sex activities. Religion provides a tight social network that provide self-regulation and punishments for negative habits what we called scientifically “Self-Control.”

Here religion only means “Islam.” Only Islam gives healthy lifestyle, self-control and tight social network. Islam covers every aspect of human life including what to eat and what not to eat. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism etc these are not religion only collection of festivals, vulgarity, music and dance. Look eating habits of Christians, their love for poke and wine, look Hinduism their abomination of  meat and their addiction to Bhang.