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British Nightmare.

United Kingdom during her time of apex looted sub-continent, middle east and Asia-Pacific. UK forces not only ruined socio-economic  system, they also planted seeds of sectarianism  and xenocentrism among peaceful nations.

British empire consisted of North America, sub continent, middle east  and informally China. Not only three continents they also ruled over seas with their monstrous naval power.

Though power of UK began to decline after 1st and 2nd world wars and now we have to find UK on world map ( I think it is somewhere in Atlantic). UK is still treated as a great power due to her so-called glorious past and being the largest economy of Europe after Germany.

Modern tiny UK consists four states namely England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Northern Ireland is the disputed territory between Ireland and UK and for the same reason Irish Republican Army fought brutal war against occupied force. Till 1698 Scotland was an independent country, to uplift economy, government of Scotland invested abroad and got nothing. Consequently, Scotland bankrupted and signed an act of union with England.

After 300 years Scots want independence and want to dissolve their marriage with England. Economic downturn in the UK further enhanced demands of Scots and they think they are not receiving their due share in British treasury.

With discovery of North Sea oil in the seas of Scotland people of this region believe that with huge petroleum reserves and stable economy they can live independently and can implement socialist system (like in Norway and Sweden). Scots nationalist are promising  free health and education with generous pensions for masses; nationalist parties of Scotland put independent Scotland in their manifesto and they are going to contest next election on same issue.

Independence of Scotland would eventually trigger sleeping liberation movement of Norther Ireland and any disintegration will push Wales another unit of UK with different culture and language. Welsh Nationalist Party promotes idea of independent sovereign Welsh state and like Scots they can opt breakup… If this happens it will eventually end idea of  United Kingdom and tiny England with less resources and old  population will collapse like a house of cards.



Do all Christians celebrate Christmas on same day?

Why don’t we celebrate Eid on same day in Pakistan? Many pseudo analysts in Pakistan usually correlates national unity with this issue and they often present this baseless arguments that Christians all around the globe celebrate Christmas on same day, 25 December.

Let me correct this misconception, Christians throughout the world celebrate their religious festivals like Christmas etc. on different dates. The traditional Christian communities – Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian – celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25, January 6 and January 19 respectively.  Almost every Christian nation celebrates Christmas on three different dates. For instance majority of Armenian Christians celebrate Christmas on January 6, and people from Russia,  Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Ethiopia on January 7, Georgian population in Europe celebrate on January 19.  Within African and European countries people celebrate Christmas on three different dates.

I haven’t seen any Christian scholar or analyst ever link these dates to Christian’s unity or anything else.  On other hand Potato analysts in Pakistan (brown from outside and white from inside) can use any issue to demoralize nation whether political or religious.

Let me share intellectual  apex of one of our pseudo-analysts, few months ago Indian High Court declared verdict against Babri Mosque, consequently Hindus got authority over Babri Mosque and now they have started building  Ram Mandir on this place.  Our so-called political analyst Hamid Mir writes in his column… in order to get positive image from international community we may build Babri Mandir in Pakistan, by this we can show Indians that how much we respect temples and churches in our country.

Evolution of Two Nation Theory.

Highlights of upcoming essay

Al-Beruni describes division between Hindus and Muslim in Indian society:

In all matters and usage they (Hindus) are different from us (Muslims)

From early 19th century the debate between Two Nation Theory TNT and One Nation Theory ONT drove politics of South Asia. First it was debate between TNT versus ONT later new idea of Rama Rajha in Hindus and Darul Harab in Muslims emerged mainly after War of Independence.

Historically,  many states were founded on the basis of religion like Holy Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Bosnia, Lebanon, Israel etc. Within India in early 20th Century Sindh was divided on the basis religion with consent of Indian National Congress. Heryana another state in India divided from Punjab  on the basis of Religion.

In the beginning of 20th century Idea of United States of India emerged in Muslim and Liberal Hindu leadership, on other hand radical Hindus coined idea of Mahabharata. Religious fanatics like Lal Lajput Rai wanted to divide India on the basis of Religion. After War of Independence 1857 British Prime Minister John Bright proposed division of India in small states mainly on the basis of ethnicity and religion.  Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was also very much in favor of Two Nation Theory and by his writing and social struggle he forcibly presented idea of  Two Nation Theory more than any other leader of India.

I will describe above mentioned points in my detail essay very soon.