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United States No More United.

With total debt of $15.589 trillion and rising cost of  witch hunt (war of terrorism etc) American economy has totally bankrupted. Federal Reserve can make money from thin air but real productivity of USA is facing abysmal decline.

32 US states are now officially bankrupt; some of the major  insolvent states  are:  California, Michigan, New York, Penn, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, Connecticut, Minnesota, Georgia, Nevada, Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, Kansas, Vermont, Tennessee and Virgin Islands

Consequently, rich states don’t want to bail out their sister poor states and poor states have no more fate in Washington. Now many states in US are seeking complete independence and now they want their own sovereign country, even New York want independence from US, they want their independent country what they called  Independent Long Island, Alaskan Independence Party wants free Alaska, some groups want  Republic of Lakotah and Cascadia, some states want to merge as Confederate States of America, President Bush constituency Texas have strong sense of separation and they want Republic of Texas, Vermont has long history of separatist movement and they are struggling for Green Mountain Republic of Vermont.

Global arms survey finds US most-armed nation; America citizens have 276 million firearms. Hitherto, we haven’t seen any major armed flavor in separatist movements; however, socio-economic condition can play an important role in the future and these separatist movements will be happy to use chiefly available arms and ammunition for their demands.


How to Screw Afghan Government.

Afghanistan is a land locked country having no direct trading routes with rest of the world, thus Afghanistan heavily relies upon trading routes with her neighbors. Historically, Afghanistan has been conducting majority of her trade with Pakistan, most of their imports are either from Pakistan or via Pakistan.  Two formal crossings one in Chaman and one in Torkhum and various informal crossings along Durand line  allow Afghan traders to enjoy cheap and tax-free imports with low transportation  and transaction costs. After 9/11 Kabul was occupied by Northern-Alliance clique and usually they began to destabilize Pakistan with Indian and Western support.

In first few years of Karzai regime Taliban resistance was very mild and this allowed Northern-Alliance government of Kabul to establish terror cells along Durand line to support Baloch insurgency and terrorist groups in tribal areas of Pakistan. From year 2004 to 2010 Pakistan witnessed deadly terrorist attacks on its soil and virtually intelligence agency had no clue about the master mind of those attacks. Terror groups were well-funded and highly organized, latest weapons and urban espionage techniques allow them to exercise their power in every corner of the country. During Musharaf regime Pakistani intelligence agencies got significant proofs of terror camps in Afghanistan in the form of Indian consulates.

Later government of Pakistan launched serious diplomatic assault and force Afghan government to dismantle terror apparatus on Afghan soil. Karzai under extreme pressure from Pakistan dismantle some camps related to Baloch insurgence but did not took any action against North Western terrorist camps related to militant activities in tribal areas.  Pakistan significantly increased border surveillance and began surgical strikes along Durand line, consequently terrorist attacks especially suicide and organized ambush are on decline in Pakistan.

After failure of Karzai and Taliban talks and Pakistan’s boycott of Bonn conference Karzai again began to start spreading venom against Pakistan and now he links every terror attack in Afghanistan to Pakistan and at  every international forum Karzai covers his failure by pointing Pakistan. There are many ways to screw this puppet some of them are:

First, In the name of security Pakistan may close Afghan transit trade by staging fake attacks on Afghan supplies from Karachi. This will produce tremendous pressure on Afghan because in winter season majority of Central Asians routes are  close and Iran is also facing economic sanctions thus import from Iran will be bad idea for Afghan government.

Second, Pakistan may close some refugee camps in Baluchistan this will again generate social and economic pressure in already ungoverned and unstable easter Afghanistan consequently this will affect military operations and pull foreign troops to humanitarian work instead of military operation.

Third, attack Afghan check posts this will allow Afghan government to deploy more and more troops on border thus this action will create vacuum in Afghan mainland and insurgence will exploit this.

Fourth, stage protests  against Karzai by Afghan refugees in Pakistan and motivate them to demonstrate outside Afghan embassy and consulate. Attack these protesters by force, dispersed them and injure them, this will create good news in foreign media.